So my friend Steve has been bugging me to update my blog. (I guess 1 entry is not so much a blog, but just a rant?) So I have made a list of the ten things that never fail to make me laugh.

10.  The Black Knight.

9.  Claw head. (For more information, visit… in about 3 months)

8.  Pivoting with Ross Gellar.

7.   “He’s a clean old man” – The Beatles   

6.  The best Youtube clip, maybe ever. 

5. Whew, that last one was a doozy, and is dedicated to my good friend, Brendon Barber. Okay, number 5 for real: Todd from Wedding Crashers. Any and all scenes with him in it 🙂

4.  The giraffe in quicksand 🙂 

3. Fawlty Towers: “I am Ennnglish, I learned it from a book”

2. “That’s what she said” jokes. I know I should be over them by now, but sometimes they can just make my day.

1. Fawlty Towers: The silly walk and the germans.

….. Annnnd one bonus one for my friends in journalism.